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Therapy Dogs

 Ruckus was our one-of-a-kind therapy animal  at Gwinnett Urgent Care. You couldn't help but love Ruckus. He was the best emotional support dog you’ll meet. He was loving, kind and gentle. If you were ever nervous, he was there to make things better.

Dr. Perry has had Ruckus for years. He was a certified therapy dog, which means he’s trained to help others relax and feel comfortable. Many people, adults and children alike, feel uneasy and anxious when they have to get seen by a doctor. However, Ruckus was trained to be soothing and gentle, helping calm the nerves associated with visiting a doctor and now we have Rowdy and Sherlock to help replace our beloved Ruckus.

Ruckus was such a great part of our team here at Gwinnett Urgent Care, and he will always be missed.  

To learn more about our trained therapy dogs or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us.