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Our Immediate Care Services

At Gwinnett Urgent Care, we offer a variety of immediate care services. Below is a list of some of our most common services:

  • Urgent Care – We can treat viruses, infections, fractures, remove foreign bodies and treat almost all non-life-threatening injuries. With any of these services, we provide delicate, efficient care.
  • X-raysIf your injury requires x-rays, there’s no need to head to the hospital. We have x-ray technicians on site to handle all of your x-ray needs.
  • Physical Exams If you need a pre-employment physical, or your child needs a sports physical or camp physical, we’ve got you covered. We only accept walk-ins, but to reduce your wait time, please fill-out these forms before visiting.
  • Diagnostic Testing -- We offer a variety of diagnostic tests. For some tests, we can get immediate results, yet others require collecting a sample and sending it to our lab for processing. We can test for strep throat, pregnancy,  Influenza, blood glucose levels and more.
  • Worker's Comp & Employer HealthIf you have a worker’s comp claim, we’re able to assist you.
  • Pharmacy Services If we discover you need a prescription, we can get it ready quickly.

We’re an urgent care center that’s dedicated to our patients. Come by or contact us for more information!
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